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Pete Dorey
19 days ago

Please add my name to the fan list. I live in Bath, Somerset.

Peter Dyer
21 days ago

Please include me in your list. I live in Hertford, Herts in the UK.

Peter White
22 days ago

Please add my name to the fan list. I live in Glasgow Scotland.

Susan Perzanowski
23 days ago

Please include me on the fan mael list. I'm from Akron, Ohio USA. Thank you for adding me to the list.

Bjørn Øystein Hagen
23 days ago

You can use my facebook profile picture in Sparks Fans Worldwide. I met Sparks at Oslo airport in 2018

Helen Pearce
23 days ago

Lifelong sparks fan ….finally got to see them last week …long way to go from our home in the
Isles of Scilly
Cornwall , UK

Chris Eccles
23 days ago

Hi there. im a fan from Ingolstadt Germany if you want to add me

deidra lynn
2 months ago

Ruud, thanks for all your work on this awesome collection of Sparks media. New fan since 2019.. I just saw them for the 1st time in Atlanta GA on Monday night. have some photos and clips to share if that's a possibility....

Robert Long
2 months ago

I thought I told you to wait in the car !

Lindsay Hague
2 months ago

Please add me to the worldwide fan list. Norwich, UK.
Thanks to for putting such a great site together.