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Rolf Munke
8 days ago

What a fantastic work in progress!
Very impressed, so much to dive in.
Only one thing I can´t find.here are the chart toplist history. Am I blind?

Pody Hansbrough
2 months ago

Please include me on the map St. Charles Illinois USA

Matt Stephens
2 months ago

Please include me on your world wide map. Thank you.

2 months ago

Jerusalem - ISRAEL

Georgette Swenson
2 months ago

Please include me on the map. I'm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

luciano valletta
3 months ago

Loving them since 1973, after buying that amazing, sexy WOOFER . . .
I'm Italian from Rome.

3 months ago

Cover version of Amateur Hour


Diego A.
4 months ago

As a newcomer to the fandom, I just want to say how valuable your site is!
The info, the photos, your collection; everything is great.
Thank you for investing your time in doing this amazing tribute to one of the greatest bands in history. Viva Sparks!

Gregg Gazaway
4 months ago

greatest band in the known universe! I’m from the Inland Empire, Riverside California. Sparks at Magic Mountain in the late 80s was 1st, last was at the LA Philharmonic 02/2022. our 1st 3 albums were produced by Earle Mankey <3

Primal Lunch Records - The Conditionz - since 1984

Tami Jaggs
4 months ago

Please add me! I’m in Haverhill, Suffolk, England.