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Catherine McGlinchey
3 months ago

I had a look at this site a few months ago but really didn't pay enough attention until recently when l had a closer look. This site is an absolute jewel, the amount of work, the scope and the sheer love that is involved here is so impressive. Also it's wonderful for someone like me who has been a Sparks fan for years but not on social media of any kind (l know!) so although l can get some information from FB and the like, it's obviously limited.
Anyway, l will try at some point to fill in the questionnaire (yet another Sparks song lurking!) but it won't be easy!
Bravo Ruud, this is a labour of love that's making more of a difference than you might know.

Steve Wakefield
4 months ago

Yeah you can add me to the map, cheers.....Chester-Le-Street, North East England!

5 months ago

Hey Valerie! We just met at Ostkreuz in Berlin :) I didn't manage to get your number, but I would love to stay in touch, practice more Polish, and hear about your art and history research. Feel free to message me!

Karen Maresca
7 months ago

Hi. Please add me on the map.
St. Charles, Mo USA

Travis Nugent
8 months ago

Hello. Can I please be added to the map?

El Cajon

Tomás Steiner
9 months ago

Hi there, amazing site.
Can you please add me to the map?


Caroline Barr
10 months ago

Hi there, please can you add me to the map:
England UK

Highersynth (Becky)
10 months ago

What a labour of love this site is! Thank you for sharing it.
I've been reading the questionnaires, which I particularly love - the range and diversity of replies speaks to the genius of Sparks as artists, not just musicians, and gives me a lovely warm glow being part of the community that recognises and admires them.
5 stars

Highersynth (Becky)
11 months ago

Kinda tricky to add me to the map without my location.
It's Devon, England.

Highersynth (Becky)
11 months ago

Please add me to the map.

Love this amazing archive!