Sparks Fans Worldwide


This is an overview of Sparks fans worldwide. Everyone on this map has indicated that they want to be included in the list. If you also want to be mentioned on the map, please send me a message ( or leave a message at "Your Thoughts".


Latest edition, #25, November 6, 2021, including 12 new additions and some changes.


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Latest edition: #26, November 6, 2021, including 41 new additions.

Due to the many new registrations, this latest edition is published a bit earlier this time.


Latest edition: #27, December 1, 2021, including 34 new additions.

Latest edition: #28, December 30, 2021, including 45 new additions.


Latest edition #29, March 11, 2022, including 12 new additions. Also, I've added some random photos of Sparks fans - no names attached. If you're on one of the pictures and don't want it to be published here, please let me know and I'll remove it immediately. Should you want your picture to be included (anonymously), please send me your photo.


Latest edition: #30, April 24, 2022, including 16 new additions and some corrections of people who've moved meanwhile.


Latest edition: #31, April 27, 2022. Due to a staggering 153 new additions, I made this updated version so soon after the previous one.

Latest edition: #32, May 19, 2022. Another 40 new additions, making the current total 1,578 Sparks Fans Worldwide!

Latest edition: #33, August 19, 2022. 43 New additions, making the current total 1,621 Sparks Fans Worldwide!

Latest edition: #34, January 28, 2023. 29 New additions, making the current total of 1,650 Sparks Fans Worldwide!

Latest edition: #35, July 5, 2023. 127 New additions! The current total is now 1,777 Sparks Fans Worldwide and we welcome our first member from Puerto Rico!

Latest edition: #36, October 20, 2023. 33 New additions! Current total is now 1,807 Sparks Fans Worldwide!


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