The Legend Of Lil’ Beethoven


Source: Lil' Beethoven Deluxe Edition (narrated by Ron Mael), (2004)

The Legend Of Lil’ Beethoven


That Lil’ Beethoven which  showed so much musical ability

At such an early age surprised no one who possessed even

A slight familiarity with his family history


That he would excel in both carrying on in his great-great-great-great-

Grandfather’s grandiose musical tradition

While at the same time exhibiting what could only be described as

Street credibility, did surprise some

How did this young genius acquire his particular abilities


One day in the 19th century Ludwig von Beethoven traveled

Secretly to New York

To seek the advise of the city’s most prominent ear doctor

In a last desperate attempt to stop the deterioration of his hearing

Medically, the visit was a failure

Nevertheless, the doctor had a beautiful daughter

A very streetwise daughter whose manner was unlike anything

Ludwig had encountered in the old world


Ludwig was charmed

One thing led to another and after a brief affair

A child of their union was born


Two hundred years later, Lil’ Beethoven shows dramatic evidence

Of the musical genius he’d derived from his

Great-great-great-great grandfather

And the charm, sex appeal and street credibility he’d derived from his

Great-great-great-great grandmother


A true musical genius has arrived

A genius called Lil’ Beethoven