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Hello and welcome to FanMael, a website dedicated to the career of the brothers Ron and Russell Mael, better known as Sparks. FanMael was a Dutch-based information centre/fan club for Sparks, that started off as early as 1975. With the increasing interest for Sparks, thanks to the two most recent albums, The Sparks Brothers documentary by Edgar Wright and the movie Annette, directed by Leos Carax, I thought it would be a good idea to revive the site again as many new fans would like to know more about the history of Sparks.


Origin of FanMael

FanMael was originally started by Bart van de Hoogen, in 1975. The magazine was then called Propaganda. I took over in 1979 and until 1990, when I moved to Denmark, I regularly released a Sparks fanzine in Dutch and English. Upon my return to the Netherlands, in 1993, I joined the late Peter de Wit to help him with his new fanzine. When Peter died in 1996, I continued the fanzine, called FanMael, with Stef Streur.


In 1998, Carl van Breukelen joined us and with his knowledge about websites, we started one of the first websites dedicated to Sparks. When Sparks launched their official website a few years later, we stopped our activities.


Carl passed on in 2017 and In the years that followed I continued to collect everything related to Sparks and converted my knowledge into lists and documents. I wanted to share the information I've gathered over the years about Sparks with other fans.


As a reminder of Peter and Carl and the good old days, I also call this website FanMael, although it looks nothing like the original site. I will try to update it regularly. If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at


Ruud Swart

Ruud Swart, Christi Haydon, Peter de Wit, Parkpop, The Hague, 1995

Ruud Swart, Martin Gordon, Carl van Breukelen, Berlin, 1999

Stef Streur, Martin Gordon, Ruud Swart, Berlin, 1999