Mary Baker - Mael Masterpiece


These very creative and inspiring interpretations of famous art pieces were created by Mary E. Baker.

American Spark

Mona Ron

Mona Russ

The Mael with the Snow Globe Earring: Johannes Vermeer

Liberty leading the people -Delacroix

Birth of Ron Botticelli

Las Maelinas

Ron Creating Russell, Michelangelo

St Ron in His Studio: Domenico Ghirlandaio

The Scream 2

Maelington Crossing the Delaware: Emanuel Leutze

The Maeleux Tapestry probably by Anglo-Saxon embroiderers

Garden of Mael Delights Hieronymus Bosch

The AMaeladors Holbien the Younger

FFS 3musicians Botero

Spark Trek

Sparks sur l'Herbe

Even Better

A Mael Wedding, Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses

Rudolf In the Sparks Show

The Persistance of Maelry Salvador Dali

Left out in the cold

Sparks in Oz

Aunt Maureen

Self Portrait With Maelkeys Kahlo

An Experiment on a Bird and Ron in the Air Pump Joseph Wright of Derby

Night Maels Edward Hopper

Christinas Sparks Andrew Wyeth

Ron with an Ermin DaVinci

Happiest Mael Wedding, Walt Disney

Russelleon Crossing the Alps Jacques-Louis David 2

Edith Piaf Sang it Better than Vincent Van Gogh

Portrait of Artists and Godzilla David Hockney

The Wedding Of Jacqueline Kennedy To Russell Mael

Bonampak Maels, Room 2. King Chan Muwan and Captives (reconstuction). G. Dagli Orti

Sears Mael Catelog

Whisteler's Mael, Russell

Ronnie by Lawrence and The Blue Russell by Gainsborough

Mael Feast Sánchez Coello

Sparks above the-Sea of Fog Caspar David Friedrich

The Boston Suburban Home Boys Throwing Tea, John Cassell

The Great Wave and the Slow Boat Hokusai

Cats Nightmael Louis Wain and Norm the Cat

Maels PLaying Poker With Dogs CM Coolidge

Triple Spark Portrait Rockwell

Hello Sparks Movie

Maels in Gragoata after the storm Antonio Parreiras

The Football Players aka Balls Henri Rousseau

Whisteler's Mael, Ron

Ancient Mael Paintings Early Homo sapiens sapiens in Ennedi Chad

Scenes from the life of the Maels Uccello


The Maels, Remedios Varo

Hallucination Six Images of Bergman on the Steinway Salvador-Dali

Sparkrnica Pablo Picasso

Woman, Ron, Old Man, Bird, Russell, and Flower Max Ernst

La Familia Mael Jesus Helguera

Marilyn Ron Russell Andy Warhol

The Sparkus Georges Seurat

A Sparks Concert Anne Ancher

Luncheon of the Mael Party, Renoir

Jungles in Sparksland Henri Rousseau

The Sleeping Gypsy, Ron, Russell and Various Cats Henri Rousseau