Natalie Craig - Fictional Short Story About Ron and Russell


It was a not-so-sunny day in L.A. Russell just got up and had breakfast with Ron who came over to his house. Initially they wanted to work on and record new stuff, but they realized it wasn't working out as they'd imagined. They actually were both having a very bad day, couldn't think of anything interesting and
started getting into arguments over little things. Finally they reached a critical point, so that Ron said: „Ok, you know what? I'd better leave now, before we get into a serious fight. You can call me tomorrow, if you want me to come and work together. Bye for now. And please don't call today, I want to be left alone now.“

Then he left. But as soon as he had closed the door behind himself, he regretted his decision and thought about going back in again. He looked at the door and then decided to go for a walk because he knew, it wouldn't make sense to go inside again. Suddenly he saw Russell looking out of the window, so he quickly waved goodbye and headed to his favorite secret place. This favorite secret place was all his own, even Russell knew nothing about it. A great place to watch birds and sometimes sqirrels and to think about different things. For example the expression in Russell's eyes, when he looked out of the window. Ron tried to ignore that, but he obviously couldn't, because now he realized that Russell looked very sad and almost a bit afraid. But afraid of what? Very good question.

Suddenly many ideas popped up in Ron's head regarding new stuff to work on and he knew he had to write them down. So he quickly went back to Russell's house where he left his car, jumped in and drove to his own apartment as fast as possible. At home he immediately sat down to work on his ideas, now he was in a real
flow. The next day he would show them to Russell! And suddenly it was almost 4 am, so he went to bed. He knew that he'd sleep well now, because he was relieved that so many ideas came to his mind after nothing happened at first.

The next day he almost overslept, he didn't even hear his alarm clock. But suddenly he heard the phone ringing, so he jumped out of his bed to answer. It was good luck that Russell didn't already hang up. Ron reached the phone just in time. Russell was surprised and said: „Oh, I thought you're already on your way, so I just wanted to hang up. So..., do you want to come over? I've got something to show you.“ Ron answered: „Yes, of course I'll come, I just overslept. But I'll get ready now and in an hour I'll be with you.“ „Great! So see you later.“


Ron immediately went into the bathroom to take a shower and back in his bedroom he saw, why he didn't hear his alarm clock. He'd forgotten to set it. But there was no time to think about that now, he had to dress and head over to Russell as quickly as possible. Oh, he was so excited to show Russell all his new ideas! And he also was very curious to learn, what Russell wanted to show him.

As usual he bought 2 big mugs of coffee for himself and Russell on his way, but this time he also bought a sweet surprise, Russell's favorite pastry. When he arrived at Russell's house, Russell was already standing at the door and waiting for him. It was really very obvious that they both felt very relieved and had new
motivation to go on doing what was so important to them both. 

„Ron, so great to see you! I apologize because of yesterday, I was in a very bad mood. But later I had some great ideas that I'd like to share with you. I really hope that you'll like them as much as I do, though.“ „Don't worry because of yesterday. I also was in a very bad mood, but that's in the past now. Look what I've got for you!“ Ron waved with the bag full of pastry. „Aww, thank you very, very much! You're the best! Come in, dear Ronnie.“

So Ron went inside with Russell, and after drinking their coffee and eating the pastry they began to work. They exchanged their ideas, one thing led to another and they really had a super productive time. And as it is in such situations, time flew and suddenly it was night. To end their working day they decided to drink a glass of wine together. Russell said: „That was a very productive day today. I'm so glad that our ideas complemented each other so well, that's really great.“ 

And Ron answered: „Yep, you're right. I actually enjoyed the progress today very much. But let me ask you something. When you looked out of the window yesterday it seemed, you were a bit afraid. I thought I could see the fear in your eyes. But why? What where you afraid of?“


„Oh well, you know... Sometimes I'm a bit worried and afraid that we both could actually run out of ideas for new material that really interests us. But fortunately I'm proven wrong every time that happens. That's a very great relief.“ „Oh yeah, I totally understand that. Sometimes I actually fear the same. But you know what, Russell? As long as we stick together we'll always find a way to create new stuff!“
And Russell knew that Ron was right!