In this chapter, some lesser known Sparks songs will be shared. They can be demos, outtakes, different mixes, live recordings or songs that didn't appear on any regular release. All songs have been officially released, in some form or another but are not always easy to find.

The Calm Before The Storm

This extended, different mix of the song from Balls appeared on a pre-release of the album. The other songs are virtually identical to the official album version.

Music That You Can Dance To (Extended Club Mix)

This version appeared on the UK release of the 12" single and is completely different from any others mixes which were officially released.

My Brains and Her Looks

This demo was recorded by Ron and Russell only in London, in the Summer of 1973 when they had just arrived from Los Angeles and had attracted the interest of Island Records. They had no useable songs yet and wrote a series of new songs to convince Island to go ahead. This demo didn't make it to any formal album but did appear on the bonus disc of the 40th Centry Anniversary release of Kimono My House on vinyl only.

Dancing Is Dangerous (I Ought To Know)

Not to be confused with the song of the same title by Nöel, this song was probably written around the same time (1978) and only recorded as a demo. It appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese cd release of Angst In My Pants in 2009.

The Great Leap Forward

This instrumental, based on a Chinese theme was released as part of the CD single "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us", with Faith No More; the Plagiarism version. It might not be that familiar outside the UK, where it was released on Roadrunner Records on December 13, 1997.

Mr. Hulot

This song appeared as the B-side of the 10" picture disc single "Two Hands One Mouth", which was sold during the tour of the same name. Thank you very much Tony Foh for the lyrics, which turned out to be the titles of the movies made by Jacques Tati.

Suburban Home Boy (Extended "Ron Speaks" version)

B-side of the UK cd single Suburban Home Boy from 2003. 


This song was written for the movie Where The Boys Are, a 1984 remake of a movie of the same title from 1960. It appeared the same year on the soundtrack but has never been included on any of Sparks' albums or compilation albums.

National Crime Awareness Week (Perkins Playtime)

This instrumental version of the 1993 single only appeared on the UK 12" release as a B-side. It did not appear on any of the CD versions of the single, which held different mixes.