Big Rock Candy Mountain


Source: Halfnelson Demo Album (1969)

Big Rock Candy Mountain


At 12 o’clock a carriage rolled into the town
The Mrs. Lively dropped her baggage to the ground
She didn't know her way around


She passed the widow from the dearer and a man
He made his fortune as a travel engineer
And now he needed Suzy near


She was joyous, lovely, prosperous and glad
When she glowed with all the love she hadn't had


One with this feet, she knew it, sweep her off her feet
She flew into his open arms
She waited long for this afternoon


But Suzy stopped and her face fell, he could tell
For her face can only dear her broken and her fairytales as well
With teardrops in her eyes she turned away to go
For wife until …….. fell her down feel
And her lifelines unknown