Valérie Clerc - Drawing and Embroidery


Valérie Clerc made this drawing of Russell and also sent in an embroidery, which she drew on canvas first before she made it.


Edit February 2: Four more artworks made by Valérie were added. In her own words:

"I made a drawing inspired by a photo of Russell, I scanned my drawing and kept  only the head to make a transfer for fabric from the scanned drawing. I sewed a little cushion to put this transfer
- I used the same drawing but  worked it differently in painting
- I made another drawing inspired by a rare photo of Russell in his bright, multicolored stage costume
-  I used two different photographs to make this drawing of Ron that I turned into a bookmark
- The last one is a drawing inspired from another Sparks' photo. I cut it out to place it on a golden paper"


New contribution, April 8, 2022. Valérie sent me the pictures below and gave an excellent description of her work as follows:


I am pleased to send you photos of my latest Sparks work: the making of the Russell rag doll and the finished doll as well as the two embroidered canvases for a handbag.

The rag doll's costume is inspired by photos taken by fans at Sparks' February concert in Los Angeles. The work took me ten days due to six hours a day. 'Cause it's the first rag doll I've made

Both canvases are inspired by drawings of Ron and Russell. I attach the two original drawings but I did not create them myself. I don't know the name of the creator. 
I redrew them on canvas and then I embroidered the canvas. This work took me three weeks because of six hours a day.


I have just finished a little black jacket that I started making yesterday for the Russ rag doll. I made it because I realized that Russell Mael wore a black jacket more often than a floral shirt at Sparks gigs in LA.