FanMael Tribute CD


The story

In 1998, after a business trip to the US where I met a fellow Sparks fan, I thought it would be a nice idea to release an album of Sparks covers, made by fans only. We placed the call in the FanMael fanzine and received so many reactions that we had to assume a double CD. My original approach was to make a simple CD-R and copy it for those who might be interested, at cost price, but Carl van Breukelen, who had just joined our team to set up the website, wanted to go bigger and to release an official CD.

                                            The original announcement in FanMael magazine

                                                                                                            The original design for the sleeve which got axed.

The album

The reviews

The songs

If any of the contributors do not want their song to be posted here, please let me know and I will remove it.

CD 1 (Quiter)

Propaganda by Steve Murray

Girl From Germany by Derek Paice

Slowboat by Wednesday Week

Fletcher Honorama by R. Stevie Moore

Beat The Clock by Steve Murray

With All My Might by The Squirrels

The No. 1 Song In Heaven by Steve Murray

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us by The Quackle

La Dolce Vita by Rafael Wynn

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earh by Karen J. Walsha

Popularity by Peter König

The No. 1 Song In Heaven by God/Monster

Something For The Girl With Everything by Steve Murray

Those Mysteries by Egnekn's Daughter

Pineapple by Murdoch

CD 2 (Heavier)

A Song That Sings Itself by Cuban Boys

A Fun Bunch Of Guys From Outer Space by The WayOutz

Suzy Safety by John Sunderland

Reinforcements by Peter König

It's A Knock-Off by Wednesday Week

The No. 1 Song In Heaven by Wonder Boys

I Predict by Collider

Happy Hunting Ground by AAIIEE

So Important by Peter König

At Home, At Work, At Play by AAIIEE

When Do I Get To Sing My Way by Wonder Boys

Here Comes Bob by R. Stevie Moore

Something For The Girl With Everything by Collider

Moon Over Kentucky by Klepto Maniac Zoo