Contest #3; May 2022


For this third contest, the questions are:

  • Who briefly joined Sparks for their first British tour in 1974 but was let go before the tour actually started?
  • Which band did he join later instead with another Sparks band member that was asked to leave?


Solutions to I will draw the winner from the correct entries. This contest runs until June 8, 2022.


Prize: A copy of the original 1977 "Introducing Sparks" album, Dutch pressing, in mint condition.

The third contest is closed. The correct answers were: 


  • Peter Oxendale briefly joined Sparks during the rehearsals of their first tour in June 1974 but was let go before the tour actually started.
  • In 1975 he joined ex-Sparks bass player Martin Gordon, to form the band Jet. Other members of Jet were singer Andy Ellison and drummer Chris Townson (both from John's Children, John being John Hewlett the then manager of Sparks. In 1973, Chris had occasionally stepped in during auditions and demos when Ron and Russell needed a temporary drummer.

William again took a strip with a name from a bowl with all contestors which turned out to be Dominique Montgomery. Please blame him if you're not her.


A new contest will be announced soon(ish).