In this chapter you can find all the concerts Sparks gave since the very early days as Urban Renewal Project. The original document also contained links to band line-ups, announcements, tickets and reviews but it's too much work to implement this here for each individual gig.


Should you notice a mistake or do you know of a concert that's not in the list, please let me know. Eternal fame and gratetude will be yours.


Latest additions:


Support act of the 1999 Shepherds Bush gig was added - thank you Leslie Hanagan

Previously unknown gig in Waterloo, Canada added in April 1975 - thank you Dan Graham

Previously unknown gig in Los Angeles, added in July 1982 - thank you Vann Frazier

Corrected venue in 1975; the Palace in Dayton, Ohio, instead of Los Angeles - thank you Karl Speck

Corrected some support acts for the 1982 gigs at the Whisky - thank you Craig Unkrich

Added previously unknown venue on May 22, 1982 - thank you John Sunderland

Made some corrections on announced gigs that were cancelled - thank you Karl Speck and Rob Morgan

Made a correction for the gig on November 3, 2013. Dianne Tutte pointed out that this was not at Los Angeles, but in fact in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the correction, Dianne