In this chapter you can find all the concerts Sparks gave since the very early days as Urban Renewal Project. The original document also contained links to band line-ups, announcements, tickets and reviews but it's too much work to implement this here for each individual gig.


Should you notice a mistake or do you know of a concert that's not in the list, please let me know. Eternal fame and gratetude will be yours.


Latest additions:


Support act of the 1999 Shepherds Bush gig was added - thank you Leslie Hanagan

Previously unknown gig in Waterloo, Canada added in April 1975 - thank you Dan Graham

Previously unknown gig in Los Angeles, added in July 1982 - thank you Vann Frazier

Corrected venue in 1975; the Palace in Dayton, Ohio, instead of Los Angeles - thank you Karl Speck

Corrected some support acts for the 1982 gigs at the Whisky - thank you Craig Unkrich

Added previously unknown venue on May 22, 1982 - thank you John Sunderland

Made some corrections on announced gigs that were cancelled - thank you Karl Speck and Rob Morgan

Made a correction for the gig on November 3, 2013. Dianne Tutte pointed out that this was not at Los Angeles, but in fact in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the correction, Dianne

Added the 2023 tour tot the list on February 20, 2023.

Two previously unknown gigs added in Northampton, Pennsyvania, on May 13 and 14, 1975. Thank you Karl Speck