The Mighty List


The Mighty List is a document that has kept me busy for many years. The original document is in Excel format and I haven't found a way to publish it online properly, due to its size.


It contains a list of all songs known (including unreleased and live versions), a chapter about all their albums, including reviews, the singles, cd's and cd singles. It also has a very comprehensive list of all known concerts with details, including musicians, support acts, reviews and tickets. Unfortunately, it's too time-consuming to create all the individual links as they exist in the original Excel file.


Parts of this document  I've managed to include here as separate pages, the rest will hopefully follow one day. The original document can still be freely downloaded though. Should you be interested, please let me know.



The Mighty List - The Songs (all known songs recorded or written)

The Mighty List - The Live Recordings (all songs played live in concert or on radio that I know have been recorded)