As most official album releases come with the printed lyrics included, this chapter will primarily focus on the lyrics of the more obscure or rarer songs.

Should there be any particular song which you cannot find here, please feel free to send me a message and I'll send you this.

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(Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country (alternative)

A More Constructive Use Of Leisure Time

A Quick Thought

A Trying Day

After Dark

Alabamy Right

Armies Of The Night

Arts & Crafts Spectacular

As You Like It

Au Revoir

Bad Manners


Big Rock Candy Mountain

Breaking Out Of Prison


Brenda's Always In The Way


Can Can


Check Out Time 11AM

Chili Farm Farney

Christmas Without A Prayer

Computer Girl


Dancing Is Dangerous (I Ought To Know)

Dancing Is Dangerous

Descended From The Apes

Drawn By Picasso




Fact Or Fiction


Get Crazy

Get Laid

Gone With The Wind

Growing Pains


I Am A Bookworm

I Want A Man

I Wish I Could Dance Like Black People Do

Is There More To Life Than Dancing?

Islington N1

It's A Sparks Show Tonight

It's Kinda Like The Movies


Jane Church

Je M'Appelle Russell

Johnny's Adventure

Join The Firm


Keep Me




Live In Las Vegas

Looks Aren't Everything

Lost And Found

Love Can Conquer All


Madonna (French)

Madonna (German)

Madonna (Spanish)

Marry Me



Minnie Mouse

Motorcycle Midget

My Brains And Her Looks


National Crime Awareness Week


Retro Boy, Retro Girl

Revenge Of Two Hands, One Mouth

Riot With Me


She Used To Be One Of Us

She's An Anchorman

Singing In The Shower



Tearing The Place Apart

That Looks Great On You

The Animals At Jason's Bar & Grill

The Biggest Party In The World

The Factory

The Final Derriere

The Japanese Have Come And They Bought My Number One

The Legend Of Lil’ Beethoven

The Mandalay Song

The Night They Invented Love

The Oblongs

The Windmill

Things Can Change Overnight

Two Hands, One Mouth


V6 Jeans


We Are The Clash

What Was That?

What You're Wearing

When I Take The Field On Friday

Where Would We Be Without Books?

Why Did You Make Me Care?

Windy Day



Yodel For A Hanging