Johnny's Adventure


Source: Halfnelson Demo Album (1969)

Johnny’s Adventure


Financial evidence claims he was broke two days ago
So he sold his big heart for 2.50 and soul for 40 more

With his earnings in the bag straddled over his arm
He made his way on into the town to see what he could find

Work is wanted - must be strong
Heart and soul need not belong
Johnny went there to see just what this job could be


Before the day was through he was all settled at his job
He was scrubbin' the floor and cookin' the food
For creatures he could not believe

Stranger young girls with frilly curls and sweat all down their limbs
They’re all filled with animal hate
They scarcely looked like love at all

What is this - he asked himself
Where does he turn - he quizzed himself
He submitted notice - intend to quit the job


Two weeks and 4 days later - he had to quit he had no sense
I’ll take my heart back, my soul as well
And you can keep the dough

These stranger women proved to be
The wrong type of work for me
I shall sit with my heart and sit with my soul
And be content to starve

Bill Drake