Concert Photos 1960's - 1970's


This is a small selection of photos taken at gigs worldwide, in chronological order. It's not always clear who made the picture so if you're the owner of any specific photo, please let me know and I'll credit you. In case you want the photo to be removed, I will do so.


Unknown venue, Los Angeles, 1966 (Urban Renewal Project)


Unknown venue, Los Angeles, 1970 (Halfnelson)


Max's Kansas City, NYC, USA, October 1972  

Unknown venues, USA 1972

The Pheasantry, London, England, November 1, 1972

Marquee Club, London, England, December 7, 1972

Top Rank Suite, Swansea, UK, June 26, 1974  - Photos by Rob Knowles and Bryan Davey

Rainbow Theatre, London, July 7, 1974

Beacon Theatre, New York City, USA, October 10, 1974 (Don Krischner Rock Show)

Princess Theatre, Torquay, England November 25, 1974

Olympia, Paris, France, November 30, 1974

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 7, 1974

Town Hal, Leeds, December 20, 1974

Unknown venues, England, 1974


Konserthus, Stockholm, Sweden, October 4, 1975

Congresgebouw, Den Haag, Netherlands, October 9, 1975

Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland, October 18, 1975

Fairfields Hall, Croydon, England, November 9, 1975

Philharmonic Hall, New York City, USA, November 19, 1975

Unknown venues, England, 1975


Seneca College, Toronto, Canada, December 19, 1976 (photos by John Catto)

Bottem Line, New York City, USA, December 22, 1976 (thank you Tom Roberts)

Unknown venues, USA, 1976