Stephen Wakefield - Several Covers



The Biggest Party In The World

Stephen recently sent me his amazing recording of a very obscure Sparks demo. Many will not be familiar with the original recording.

"The Biggest Party In The World" was one of the demos Sparks recorded and sent out to several record companies, after they had recorded Introducing Sparks (early 1978). The songs did not convince the record companies, and they moved on and met with Giorgio Moroder. The rest is history. 

Stephen made this recording sounding better than the original.


My Brains And Her Looks

Stephen recently sent me two other covers. Both songs are again quite obscure and may not be known to all fans. One of the original versions of these songs is already on this website and can be found here, along with an explanation about it;

Stephen's version is a lot more dynamic and heavier and is dominated by guitars. It's a far cry from the original demo, but I can appreciate it a lot.


This is not a cover of a Sparks song but of the band Jet, which was founded by Martin Gordon after he was asked to leave Sparks.

He then formed a band with singer Andy Ellison, drummer Chris Townson, guitarist Davey O'List and keyboardist Peter Oxendale, who was once almost hired by Sparks for their first UK tour in June 1974, and played in some rehearsals.

Due to the strong connections with Sparks, this recording is published here. In addition, it is always nice to pay more attention to projects by ex-band members, and the excellent version that Stephen recorded is more than worth it.