A regular feature in the printed version of the FanMael magazine was a sort of questionnaire, which fans could fill in to tell us all a bit about how they experience Sparks. It might be a nice item to include on this website as well. If you want to be part of it, please answer the questions below and send it to


To read the filled-in questionnaires, click here.


  1. Name, age and country you live in?
  2. How did you get to know Sparks and when was that?
  3. What made you a fan?
  4. What was the first Sparks record you ever bought?
  5. Have you ever seen them live?
  6. What's your favourite album?
  7. What's your favourite album cover?
  8. What album did you never get in to?
  9. What are your three favourite songs by Sparks?
  10. What song they released is not worthy of Sparks?
  11. What are their best lyrics/funniest phrase?
  12. Do you consider yourself a collector?
  13. What's your most precious Sparks possession?
  14. What's your most wanted item?
  15. What era is Sparks' best?
  16. Ron or Russell?
  17. Other bands you listen to?
  18. Most valued memory involving Sparks?