The Animals At Jason's Bar & Grill

Source: Halfnelson Demo Album (1969)

The Animals At Jason’s Bar & Grill


I walk in the street looks like it’s time to eat

I hit for Jason’s Grill

When I get there I order burgers a pair

A side of stacks and slaw, please (Jason)


Please sir, don’t sit there

That seat is saved for a girl with short hair

Thank you


Quite suddenly, the patrons cease to eat

Eighty eyes all fixed on the door

When what to their wandering eyes should appear

But a moose, a dog, a mouse, an ant, dear

Dear me, will they come in

No ….

It’s coming in


Jason’s Girl has never witnessed discrimination based on race or on creed

This must be a test case coming

Confrontation coming, people will plead

Frizzy gulp your chowder fast

Finish up your hash

Jason bring my check right now

No, I don’t want coffee, thanks


The animal spokesman, he started to speak

The rummage was all hushed

You could hear a meatball fall

As the moose stalks slowly to Jason

Moose reached into his mane

Buddy, can you give me a quarter’s change